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Pennies are Protons

During a Saturday activity, the participants were given an interactive presentation by Zach Constan (NSCL/FRIB Outreach Coordinator) called “Pennies are Protons”. Here the participants were able to grasp a better understanding of the research conducted at NSCL/FRIB. If you would like to do this activity at home, click here. There is also a video demonstration of Pennies are Protons, here.


NSCL/FRIB also developed Isotopolis, an online game similar to Pennies are Protons. Isotopolis is an exploratory game about the process of discovering rare isotopes. In the game, players accelerate particles and assemble new isotopes in the effort to complete the table of nuclides in a process inspired by what goes on a the nanoscopic level within a cyclotron. To learn more about Isotopolis and how to play, click here

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